September 6, 2014

September Currently and My New Classroom Calendar!

Finally linking up with Farley from Oh' Boy 4th Grade for this months Currently. 

LISTENING: I always listen to iHeartRadio while I work, but in the evenings I listen to jazz or classical to wind down. 

LOVING: PIADA!!! One of my friends suggested this restaurant one day when i was up in Columbus, Ohio visiting. I was HOOKED!! Amazing food! SO when my parents came to visit me today, and I noticed there was one in my area, I HAD to go! Their Tuscan Chicken Salad is amazing!

THINKING: I am super tired, but I am way behind, so I am trying to stay up a little later while I can to catch up on some things. 

WANTING: More time in the day would be great. SO much to do between work, TPT stuff, and my masters class. 

NEEDING: I don't really NEED anything.. but.. a clone would be nice. :) They could stay up late for me.. work on my masters work while I worked on TPT stuff. How AMAZING would that be?!
Totally unrealistic.. I know. :(

3 TRIPS: I have barely traveled. Money has always been an issue. But I would LOVE to go to ITALY, IRELAND, and AUSTRALIA. (Not to mention out west) Italy has always been on top of my list, mainly because I LOVE Italian food. Some of my family roots trace back to Ireland. So I always thought it'd be a neat place to visit and to see the countryside. Australia I think would just be fun. 

Thanks Farley for the Link Up!! 

Now on to a shameless plug!
(but something I am really excited about!!)

I have not done my classroom reveal yet, but I wanted to share this part with everyone because I LOVE how it turned out! It's also something you can make if you wish! 

 I was wanting a new classroom calendar to go with my color scheme. I was tired of bold products I would buy that didn't match. (Yes, call me crazy, I like everything to match!) 

So over the summer I created this... 

Here's the scoop. There are 4 different sets so you can mix and match. I kept the same 4 colors throughout. 
I decided I liked mine best with the black outlines, so I mix and matched sets 2 and 4.

I included instructions on how to make your own classroom calendar. 

and here is my final product...

Obviously I have an owl theme going on there. I also added some of my own bunting I made to fill in some empty spaces. The blue container is resting on a push pin, and it holds all of my extra pieces. 

I hope you like this as much as I do! If you're interested it is in my TeachersPayTeachers Store. :) 

Let me know what you think! 


  1. Your dinner sounds amazing!! I agree with cloning myself to get more done :) I ALWAYS run out of time and say, 'I'll get it done tomorrow." Then I do the same thing the next day until it becomes one of the procrastinated items on my to-do list. lol

    Michelle B
    Miss, Hey Miss

    1. It was delicious! :) I run out of time too and I'm not sure how! lol.. I feel like I'm always working. Maybe it's too much time on social media :/ I need that app where you can block social media for a certain amount of time.

  2. Umm I picked Italy too! Ireland is also another good one! Also, I feel you on the getting things done in a more timely fashion, but it is nice to kick your feet up every once in a while and just say "Forget it".

    1. I haven't done much today because I am trying to get better at prepping my meals for the week. Now I'm finally sitting down to work and it's already 7:30! I'm soo behind, but having all that prep work done was so worth it.

      PS... LOVE your name (Teach.Love.Autism) :)