August 18, 2014

helloPLANNER from The 3AM Teacher

I am soo excited today to share with you a new planner from The 3AM Teacher!! I have been looking for an amazing Teacherpreneur planner that had everything I needed. This planner has everything and more! 

There are over 200 pages included in this planner including:

1. Directions and Terms of Use
2. Five Cover Page
3. Section Divider Pages
4. Accounts & Password Log-Ins
5. 12 Month Calendar Spread Pages
6. Wide Calendar Pages
7. Birthday Calendar
8. Contact Pages
9. Goals
10. Monthly Blog Post Planner
11. Weekly Blog Post Planner
12. Single Blog Post Planner
13. Daily Schedule Pages
14.. Time Tracker/Hours Worked Log
15. Fun Notes Pages
16. Product Listing Log
17. Product Planner
18. Sales & Promotion
19. Monthly/Weekly Blog Stats
20. Google Adsense Stats
21. Pinterest Board Stats
22. Shop Stats
23. Weekly Planning and Scheduling
24. Yearly Snapshot
25. Daily Ledger
26. Daily Sales Tracker
27. Income & Expense Tracker and Report
28. Monthly Bills
29. 12 Month Profit Report
30 .Recurring Business Log 
31. Weekly Income & Expense Report
32. AND MORE!!!

I started putting this planner together by figuring out what size I wanted my planner and how I was going to keep it all together. I tend to like my planners on the small size because they are easy to handle and I can easily throw them in my bag. So I went with a small 3 ring binder that I had gotten at Staples.

Next I had to figure out what pages I liked most and which ones I would get the most use out of. When I went through all the available pages, I printed off my favorites using the landscape mode. These pages are portrait, so when printed landscape, they print smaller and fit perfectly into the binder (once I trim the edges). Here they all are ready to be organized and hole punched. 

I had to adjust my hole punch before I began so they would fit the binder. 
Once I finished with that I began to assemble.

 Just in case you didn't know... :)

(Sorry, I had to add a shameless plug in there about the ONE DAY BOOST sale!)

Ok, let's move on. I won't bore you with all the photos (trust me, there are a ton!) I will share with you how I organized my binder.

My hello PLANNER Table of Contents
Weekly Schedule
Monthly Planner 
Accounts & Passwords
Income & Expense
 Plans &Goals
Product Planning & Ideas
Product Listings 
Blog Posts & Planning 
Sales & Promotions
Stats & Data
Shop Stats & Data
Blog Stats & Data
License & Permissions
Index & Resources

SO there you have it! I am excited to get started using my helloPLANNER!! 

Thank you The 3AM Teacher for an amazing, practical product!

What are you waiting for?! Go check it out! 


  1. So cute!!! Thank you so much for sharing this!! What kind of printer do you have? the colors turned out amazing!! You just made my day extra happy!!!

    Michelle <3

  2. So glad I can make your day, because you made mine with this planner! :) I love it!!

    I have an HP Photosmart printer. It's amazing with color, but I run through ink like crazy! Especially this time of year.


  3. This is a great post! I have been in the process of making my own, but now that my TpT store has taken off, I need one NOW. Haha. I will definitely keep this in mind! Thank you for sharing. ~

    1. Thanks for the comments!! I loved this so much I just HAD to share! :) I thought about making my own too, but I just haven't had time. This one from the 3AM Teacher is thorough and it allows you to have choices! Definitely a good purchase if you're getting serious about selling/blogging/etc.