July 31, 2014

Are you ready for it......

It's time for my BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION and a B2S Sale!!!

Ok, so I have to admit, I'm not all that excited to be turning 28. I wish I could pause time and enjoy this thing we call life. I feel as though the older we get, the faster time goes. The days get shorter and the next time you blink its all the sudden 5 years later. 

Anyways, it is that time again! On August 3rd, I will be celebrating with my wonderful family (seriously, they're the BEST!), enjoying their company, reminiscing on good times, and savoring every moment I get to spend with them. :) 

I wanted my fans to celebrate with me and I love to give back to others, so the 3rd through the 5th I will hold my celebration sale as well as the B2S sale with TPT. We're going BOGO on this one! If you decide you like one of my products enough, you have the chance to get a second product of the same price or lower FREE! All you have to do is after you make a purchase, email me with you TPT name and the product of your choice. 

Thank you to all of those who support me! I can't do this without you! 

Hope to see you there!! 

July 28, 2014

200 Follower Giveaway @ One Teacher's Adventures


I am teaming up with some fantastic teacher-authors for a huge giveaway!  Diane at One Teacher's Adventures has reached 200 TpT followers, and as a celebration, she is hosting a giveaway of 3 fabulous prize packs. 

Each prize pack includes amazing products for the selected grade range plus winner's choice shopping sprees at participating stores! 

Check out the amazing prize packs below, then enter the giveaways!


a Rafflecopter giveaway


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Good Luck!

July 23, 2014

What are your Classroom Decor MUST haves?

Instead of sleeping, I have been bouncing from one project to the next. My heart is into creating my classroom decor for the upcoming school year. So I decided to begin with a palette of colors. I haven't decided on much else, but I know there is going to be some Chevron! Last year I created my own owl clip art (which just got a face lift) and I have been trying to decide what to do next. 
Which brings me to my question. What are your classroom decor MUST haves? 

Maybe you will see a few in my TPT store. : )

Teaching Blog Circle

I am so excited to be able to join an amazing group of teacher authors! I have linked up with The Teacher's Chair for Teaching Blog Circle. The support of our online teaching community makes me feel very blessed to have begun this journey. I hope you are able to find this as useful as I have. 

Thanks for stopping by !

July 18, 2014


Hello All! 

      I have to apologize for being gone from the Social Media world for awhile. I dropped off the grid as I have been going through some personal things, but I am ready to get back to work creating amazing products for you all! My creative juices are flowing and I have some things I have been working on that I hope will be ready for you all before summer is up. 

But first on a personal note... pictures of my fantastic fur babies!

Gus (top) is going to need oral surgery to get rid of plaque build up on his teeth that could possibly lead to infection and other health problems down the road. :( Baloo (bottom left) is now 6 months old! Time flies! He gets neutered on Monday.. poor guy.  MochaJo (bottom right) goes in for a check up and her 1 year vaccines. They may be expensive, and ornery, but I adore them. :) Only thing that would make them even more amazing is if they could pay for their own medical bills, and maybe their own food. Haha!! 

Now on to the good stuff you all have been patiently waiting for! 

      Most of my work up until now has been Language Arts related. I decided to change things up and do a little math. Towards the end of the year, a colleague of mine, and one of my biggest supporters, wanted something for telling time. So I made some watches for a little interactive fun. 

Here is my first product... and it's a FREEBIE! 


I personally used these with my kiddos. I decided to make my example by using the cut and slide watches. I added gray lines to those so if you wanted it to go together like a real watch you could. My students used the reference watches. They cut the watches out and used tape (I suppose you could staple also). They worked so well! 

For the lesson I actually used a Telling Time Write the Room activity created by fellow TPTer Marsha McGuire from A Differentiated Kindergarten. (click on the picture for a link to her TPT store)

 I had my kids use their watches as a reference. We labeled out watches with hour and minute hands, as well as the digital time. They looked something like this:

You could also use these watches for writing the hour and minute hands. You can assign each student a specific time to record (great for differentiating!!). Then they can go around the room reading each others watches. :) 

To do more activities with these marvelous watches, I created this next activity to be mainly interactive. 


 There are a total of 24 watches, in digital and analog time. Your students will be able to cut out their own watch and then walk around the room to try and find their partner that has the same time. Once the activity is complete and everyone has found their match, there are 2 quick review sheets. So far I only have Time to the Hour, but I will be creating others soon. 

Now it's time for the GIVEAWAY!!  

I will be giving away my FIND THE TIME: TO THE HOUR activity pages to not just 1, but 2 lucky followers!! Just leave me a message describing your favorite summer activity thus far and you email. 
I will pick 2 lucky winners in a few days!

That's all for now! There will be more to come.. Stay Tuned. :)