July 23, 2014

What are your Classroom Decor MUST haves?

Instead of sleeping, I have been bouncing from one project to the next. My heart is into creating my classroom decor for the upcoming school year. So I decided to begin with a palette of colors. I haven't decided on much else, but I know there is going to be some Chevron! Last year I created my own owl clip art (which just got a face lift) and I have been trying to decide what to do next. 
Which brings me to my question. What are your classroom decor MUST haves? 

Maybe you will see a few in my TPT store. : )


  1. I LOVE that color palette! Will you be sharing pics of your classroom? Can't wait to see!

    ~ Lori

    1. Thanks! I will be sharing pics of my classroom, but I don't go back until the end of August. Hopefully I can get some sneak peaks for everyone before hand. :)