February 13, 2015

It's Been Awhile... (FREEBIE INCLUDED)

So.. I have been gone for quite awhile, yet again. I figured I owe everyone an explanation.

First of all, I am still working on that Masters in Reading. Fortunately, I have a year left and if all goes well I will be graduating in the Spring of 2016! Cross your fingers all goes well!

So why can't I work on my business while getting my Masters, you ask?? Well, I made a deal with myself. Since I am a HUGE procrastinator, yes... me, I made a deal that if I could complete my work in a timely fashion, I would allow myself to work on my business. Unfortunately, even though I am motivated to create and socialize with you all on social media, I am even more unmotivated to do my school work. :( It's a terrible fault I have. I'm not perfect. I blame my mom for that trait. hehe ;)

You might be wondering if there's something else going on.. well there is.

I have been having some health issues. Starting with a TON of headaches. Some bad, some reallllllllly bad. And who wants to be on a computer when they have a headache? Not me! I won't go into personal details because I am a fairly private person, but I am getting things checked out and taken care of. So no worries. But now you understand why I have been a little unmotivated as of late. :)

While I have been gone, I received a HUGE complement from a well known Teacher-Blogger!! Mrs. Lemons, herself, from Step Into Second Grade! She used my Telling Time watches this January with her students (Might I add that they are a FREE in my TpT store! ). Go check out her blog to see how!!


She seriously made my year and I can't thank her enough! :)

And no... that's not the FREEBIE I had in mind.. there's more..

With things improving, I plan to dabble in the business as much as I can until school is out for the summer when I can create and socialize FULL-TIME! (I can't wait!!)

My goals are to write more blog posts with better content, fix a few products already on TPT, add some new ones I have created, and post more on Pinterest and Instgram. I am still on Facebook, however, I find that Instagram is my go to! So if you want the latest, check that out. :)

As for your FREEBIE...  As a thank you to all of you for your patience and support, I have created something just for you.

The phrase "I can't" is NOT allowed in my room. At this point in the year, I start to hear that saying creep back into my classroom after I have trained them so well. Blame it on the winter break.. the snow days.. or whatever you'd like. But my students needed a little encouragement, so I thought I'd put a positive spin on it. Rather than explaining to the students, yet again, why we don't say that silly phrase in my room, I point to the poster.


I printed this poster on cardstock, trimmed the white edges (depending on your frame you may want to leave them on so it doesn't slide), and instead of laminating it or just putting it on the bulletin board, I decided to frame it. I found this frame at the dollar store!

I hope you like it! :)

Thank you again for your patience and support. It means the world to me.

Until next time....


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