March 3, 2014

MIA (I have a good reason, I promise!)

So this weekend, I have been MIA on my blog, on Facebook, on TPT, etc. I have a good reason, I promise! Remember the post about my Fur Babies? If not go check it out and them come back. I'll wait...

Did you read it?!

Well.. I mentioned that I wanted to get MochaJo another playmate. She plays with my cat, Gus, for about 30 seconds until he is done. Being around other pups, going on play dates and going to daycare, I knew that Mocha just HAD to have a baby brother.

Soooo.. I did some searching and I found the perfect pup!

Meet Baloo!

Baloo was named after the bear from The Jungle Book (shown below courtesy of Disney Wiki). 

He is 8 weeks old and he came from a rescue in Northern Ohio (Heaven 2 Earth). Baloo is an Australian Shepard/Border Collie mix and has the most gorgeous eyes! You can't tell, but the bottom half of his eyes are blue, and the top half are a darker grey.

So spending a few days with Baloo, I have learned a few things: 

#1 He is feisty! 
#2 He is persistent! 
(With that combination I am in for it already!!!!) 
#3 He likes to sleep under things (or people!). 
(As you can see below he is sleeping under a chair with a blanket draped over it)

#4 He LOVES food! I think he'd eat all day if I let him.
#5 He puts everything in his mouth. (Probably thinking its food) He thinks my phone is a chew toy. He will learn very quickly that its not!
#6 He is afraid of stairs (and the doorway).
#7 He has learned to go to the puppy pad, but doesn't always make his target (typical boy, right?!)
#8 He does ok in a crate (as long as you are near him)
#9 He has already learned how to use Mocha's busy ball to get the food she did not eat. (He's a smart one)
#10 He LOVES his big sister. They play all the time! And Mocha is so good with her baby brother. 

Below is a picture from one of their many play sessions. 

So there you have it! I added a 3rd Fur Baby this weekend to my pack! (NO more!! lol)

Wish me luck! I'll need it with this little man!


  1. Totally adorable! Love the name, too!

  2. This post is absolutely adorable and made my night as I wade through of the education info, sometimes a cute puppy just helps :) I love the name choice! He absolutely looks like a Baloo.

    1. Aw.. I'm so glad I can brighten your day! Currently Baloo is at "boarding school" lol. Kid has to learn a few things before he can really settle in to our pack. We miss him like crazy, but it's for the best. He comes home next Saturday! :)