February 5, 2014

The Missing Mitten Mystery

This week I decided to read The Missing Mitten Mystery by Steven Kellogg. 

I love this book in the winter time. There are so many things you can do with it and it is great for making inferences.

The story is about a little girl who looses her mitten while out playing in the snow one day. As she talks with her best friend (her dog), she recaps her day, retraces her steps and eventually finds her mitten in the most wonderful of places. :)

I decided to have my kids do a quick craft (decorating mittens), but I also wanted a writing activity to correlate with the book. So I came up with a "missing poster" for the lost mitten....

My kids drew a picture of their missing mittens and described the mitten in detail. 

*I have plans to add another page to this freebie where you can have your students "lose" their mittens in the classroom or school and write clues to their classmates to go find their mittens. It is in progress, but I don't know about you I have been extremely busy lately! Coming soon! :)*

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