January 9, 2014

Spin a Word

So remember when I posted the FREEBIE: Spin a CVC Word? 
Well it just so happens that I made a few more. :) 

You can grab them at my TPT store. 

Kindergarten, First, Second - TeachersPayTeachers.com

Spin a CV Word
Spin a VC Word
Spin a CVC Word (FREEBIE!)
Spin a CCV Word
Spin a VCC Word
Spin a CVCe Word
Spin a CVVC Word
Spin a CCVC Word
Spin a CVCC Word
Spin a CCVCC Word

If you'd like to have one of each, get them for a cheaper price by purchasing my
Spin a Word MEGA PACK!
(20 activity pages and a free Blank Spinner)

Each Spin a Word Set has directions ,a word sample list, and 2 activity pages. 

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